Victorian farmhouse transforms into low-energy modern home

Thanks to designers at Guttfield Architecture, a quaint Victorian farmhouse in Harpsden, Henley on Thames has been presented new lifetime. Named for the clients’ favorite tree, the Cherry Tree Property is a sustainably renovated low-strength property that celebrates the English countryside through locally sourced materials, lush gardens and eco-welcoming factors. 

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A two-level home comprised of three volumes, sitting on a lush green lawn with a red tree in front.

The flint panels on the floor flooring are sourced from local craftsmen, though the concrete foundations utilize a recycled cement mix. Designers aligned the new joints with the window openings to highlight the authentic cottage dwelling, and the total kind of the making pays homage to the aged style. A the greater part of the development incorporates lightweight timber, though it is also thoughtfully insulated with triple glazed home windows and a big roof overhang to make shade. 

Two images. To the left, a red tree in the middle of a green lawn. To the right, a close-up of the home's off-white facade, partially obscured by red leaves.

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Architects eradicated the crumbling additions to the current dwelling (which consisted of a cottage, stables and coach residence) to switch them with new extensions to enhance the main structure. “Instead of wastefully demolishing all of the structures and erasing the site’s background, it was vital to our technique to retain the initial cottage and make it the inspiration for the new architecture on the internet site,” explained Fred Guttfield, Director of Guttfield Architecture. “As a consequence, the previous and new occur collectively harmoniously with each other and the landscape. All rooms on the south side of the home have been intended to delight in views of the Cherry Tree and Chilterns Area of Exceptional Pure Magnificence outside of.”

A bright living room with two sofas and a coffee table in front of a sliding glass door showing a person walking outside on the lawn.

They included two pretty balconies on the south facet of the house and lengthened the windows to provide ample natural light and air flow. Inside, there are lots of prevalent spots for loved ones and pals, as perfectly as a independent library and dwelling space in the new extension. The kitchen highlights a spherical plywood dining table with a fashionable cooking room, and a cork staircase offers a one of a kind and sustainable materials to hook up the distinct ranges.

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