These recycled plastic tracksuits are dyed with natural plants

Environmentally mindful apparel organizations are couple of and significantly between, with the manner market as a whole staying 1 of the top polluters on Earth. But with the planet in brain, PANGAIA (pronounced Pan-dude-ya) results in materials that are responsibly made to the gain of the environment and your wardrobe.

group of people wearing recycled cotton and plastic tracksuits

The most recent addition to the PANGAIA lineup is the tracksuit selection consisting of hoodies and monitor trousers. The 15 colors vary from conventional gray and off-white to strikingly brilliant shades of orange and environmentally friendly, each individual of which are by natural means dyed with plant-derived colours. The non-harmful, purely natural dyes are made from foodstuff waste, vegetation, fruits and vegetables to obtain the richly toned hues. As an example, the pink keep track of pants are coloured with a natural dye extracted from roots and rhizomes of Rubia cordifolia. The Rennet yellow keep track of trousers and hoodies are coloured with a organic dye extracted from Gall Nut of Quercus infectoria.

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flat lay of folded gray, white and black T-shirts and sweatshirts

According to the organization, 100 billion content articles of outfits and 500 billion plastic bottles are developed yearly, with 50 % ending up in landfills. Instead of contributing to the waste, PANGAIA turns discarded plastic, generally from single-use drinking water bottles, into yarn and then into prolonged-long lasting clothes. To add softness and comfort, it brings together 45% recycled cotton with 55% organic cotton, developed with no damaging pesticides and herbicides that pollute the soil and drinking water.

two people wearing gray, black, white and orange T-shirts and tracksuits

“The natural and organic raw cotton we use holds the transaction certification from the Regulate Union, this means that the yarn is processed in accordance to the Worldwide Organic Textile Typical (GOTS),” the business stated. “All trims, labels and threads are either recycled or responsibly sourced.”

Added thing to consider is taken for the products packaging, which is element bio-based and able to break down at a compost facility in 24 months.

folded gray, black and white sweatpants

PANGAIA has a history of sustainable product improvement, with a wide range of solutions made from crops. For example, it has manufactured a seaweed fiber that is the natural way organic and conveniently biodegradable, and the company put in 10 a long time developing FLWRDWN, a goose and duck down alternate manufactured from flowers.

Very similar products and solutions are readily available as portion of the botanical dye T-shirt line, all of which are coloured from dyes established from foods waste and normal resources. For illustration, PANGAIA’s Sakura Tee is dyed from extra Japanese sakura cherry blossoms following they are collected for creating tea.

Two people in light blue tracksuits and two people in off-white T-shirts and black sweatpants

PANGAIA reviews its “supplier dyes textiles in a way that employs less h2o, is non-toxic and biodegradable.” To guarantee transparency throughout the producing system, just about every garment tag includes blockchain technological innovation that demonstrates the entire history of the garment. A blockchain simply cannot be altered and provides a report of each phase of the journey, with full traceability and authenticity. The new tracksuits are made in Portugal.


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