The top 10 houseplants of 2020 and what’s trending for 2021

Introducing just a single plant to your home can boost the air excellent and include a lovely contact of eco-friendly. With so many folks staying at dwelling because of coronavirus, vegetation are becoming a popular and simple way to spruce up interior areas, balconies, porches and out of doors living regions. But which vegetation are most common? Investigate from Flowercard reveals 2020’s trendiest houseplants and what to expect in 2021.

An infographic of the most popular houseplants.


People today appreciate cacti. These very low-maintenance crops present an attention-grabbing appear, specially with species like the Fishbone, Mistletoe or Bunny Ear Cactus. Level of popularity increases of 2280%, 1467% and 1985% respectively make these crops an especially fashionable addition to any home. Just make absolutely sure to maintain smaller little ones and pets away from these prickly plants.

A close-up of a bunny ear cactus plant.

Blue Star Fern

Blue Star Fern also noticed a attractiveness spike in excess of the previous 10 many years. Up by 1795%, these small-gentle houseplants provide a lovely inexperienced shade. Blue Star Ferns really like moist soil, generating them very tolerant of around-watering. The flat, extensive leaves also spread out beautifully to insert a lot of coloration to any place. 

A potted Blue Star Fern.

Velvet Calathea

Velvet Calathea, also recognised as the peacock plant, is set to be one particular of 2021’s most important stars, with a popularity increase of 1291%. Named for its velvety texture, this plant’s extensive, two-tone eco-friendly leaves function a herringbone pattern that appears a tiny like feathers. Calathea vegetation thrive in shady, humid environments and don’t need to have a lot of water. Give them some oblique sunlight, and you can enjoy their eye-catching magnificence.

A potted Velvet Calathea.

Snake Plant

Snake Plant, scientifically acknowledged as Sansevieria Zeylanica, is lower-upkeep but stunning. Coming in 3rd spot as one particular of 2020’s most well-known houseplants, the snake plant athletics tall, thin leaves in various shades of green. This plant thrives with oblique mild and minimal drinking water, making it best for any property setting.

A potted Snake Plant.

String of Hearts

With stunning, special coronary heart-shaped leaves, it is no question the String of Hearts plant’s popularity has skyrocketed by 1057%. Classified as a semi-succulent, this plant not only tolerates dry soil but can essentially rot in overly moist soil, so be watchful when watering. Hold the soil just a little moist via spring and summer season, and really do not get worried when the plant goes dormant in fall and wintertime. Your patience will be rewarded in spring and summer time when the plant makes rather purple flowers. Area your String of Hearts up higher to permit the vines to trail down and exhibit off their distinctive leaves.

A close-up of a String of Hearts plant.

Delighted Bean Plant

The Joyful Bean Plant is native to rainforests. Up 796% in popularity, this semi-succulent plant capabilities peapod-shaped leaves that sprout alongside tall stems. Happy Bean Vegetation liven up any room just make certain to teach the plant to stop the leaves from expanding out twisted. Stay away from overwatering these vegetation, and give them loads of indirect daylight. Retain them flourishing in peat-primarily based, well-draining soil. 

A potted Happy Bean Plant.

Chinese Income Plant

With a attractiveness enhance of 668%, Chinese Dollars Plants rank in eighth put amongst the 10 houseplants looking at the major boosts in level of popularity. This will come as no surprise contemplating the plant’s substantial, eye-catching leaves. Continue to keep Chinese Funds Crops pleased with a lot of vibrant, oblique sunlight and effectively-draining soil. You can give these vegetation a little shade to make the leaves increase more substantial and rotate the plant to preserve it from obtaining lopsided. Droopy leaves are conveniently fixed with a little additional water.

A potted Chinese Money Plant.

Peace Lily

Peace Lilies, the fourth most well known plant of 2020, make the nickname “closet plants” for becoming so small-upkeep. These beauties expand huge, pointed leaves in dim environmentally friendly with vibrant white flowers. At least, these glance like flowers. These blooms are actually leaf bracts that resemble flower petals. Quite amazing, appropriate? Give your Peace Lily medium to very low mild and make positive not to around-h2o. Water the lily when the soil is dry. Otherwise, just enable it do its thing and this plant will continue to be beautiful for you.

A close-up of a Peace Lily.


Lavender plants are also specifically stylish ideal now, rating 2nd on the 2020 leading 10 listing of preferred houseplants. Just about 10 million total queries for lavender present that men and women are surely interested in this aromatic herb. Who would not enjoy this plant’s exclusive purple coloring and nice odor? Use lavender as a garnish, location sprigs of it all around the house or use it as a leaping-off level to start off an herb garden. Straightforward-to-develop herbs like basil, rosemary, thyme and oregano are great choices for a windowsill container garden. You can even experiment with interesting ways to expand and show your herbs.

A potted Lavender plant.

Aloe Vera

Earning the range one particular location as 2020’s most well known houseplant, Aloe Vera acquired a staggering 19,332,400 full lookups. As eye-catching as it is helpful, this plant’s thick, tall stems can be broken open up to expose juices that soothe rashes, burns and bug bites. As Flowercard places it, “we enjoy a plant that can multitask.”

A potted Aloe Vera plant.

Planting About the Household

Houseplants assistance improve air good quality and present wonderful-on the lookout inside decor. Pick out your plants correctly based mostly on how easy they are to care for, how protected they are to have around and how they go well with your own preferences. Have entertaining with this inexperienced passion, and participate in around with distinct crops.

An infographic of the houseplants with the biggest increases in popularity.

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