Stefano Boeri proposes SUPERVERDE urban greening modules

In a bid to bring more greenery to our cities, Milan-headquartered architecture follow Stefano Boeri Architetti has proposed SUPERVERDE, a sequence of scalable, modular soil blocks intended for greening city spaces. Described as “a modular portion of dwelling soil,” the SUPERVERDE units are intended to be put in in each public and non-public urban spots with the intent of strengthening connections concerning persons and nature. The style would also enable increase biodiversity, reduce the urban warmth island result and demineralize soils.

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rendering of large park inserted into a city square

Best identified for his Vertical Forest project — residential towers topped with trees — architect Stefano Boeri is passionate about embedding greenery into metropolitan areas globally. As opposed to his usual tasks, the SUPERVERDE principle focuses on adaptable, vegetated architecture and consists of a permeable and adaptable area that could be calculated and procured by the square meter. These modular units of dwelling soil would be made to support a wide range of plant lifestyle and, by extension, fauna biodiversity. 

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office workers outside at a small square park

“SUPERVERDE, which can be applied for normally new and different landscapes, is composed of a fantastic edge, obtainable in several finishes, which has all the technological products needed for the routine maintenance of vegetation and supports the tectonic movements of the floor,” the designers explained. “Its versatility and adaptability to any form of urban open up space — community, semi-community or personal — is the main function of the task, which enables to demineralize impermeable surfaces thanks to its modular technique, ideal to protect even massive parts.”

close-up of native grasses and plants in a park

The modular notion proposes two primary measurements. The very first is tiny, with surface area spots ranging from 9 to 20 sq. meters capable of containing up to 3 tall trees, 20 medium-sized shrubs and quite a few grasses and perennials. The 2nd, extra-huge version ranges from 60 to 100 square meters and is able of hosting a dozen trees or 1,600 medium-sized shrubs and grasses.

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