Recycled wind turbine blades proposed as a playscape for Burning Man

Washington-primarily based architect and designer Michael Mannhard has unveiled layouts for BladeYARD, a proposal for a Burning Male 2021 installation constructed from recycled wind turbine blades. Established as a visible warning of the outcomes of weather change and shortsighted answers, the installation mimics a huge-scale ruin with pieces of the blades submerged in the sands of Nevada’s Black Rock Desert.

rendering of recycled wind turbine blades sticking out of desert sand

Component of Mannhard’s inspiration for the venture stems from a recent Bloomberg Information article that says wind turbine blades just can’t be recycled, and as a consequence, they are piling up in landfills at a rate of just about 8,000 blades a calendar year. “What does it signify when this symbol of hope fails us so tremendously?” asks Mannhard, who recalls expanding up in the Midwest and marveling at sights of the large turbines. “How is it that the most prominent symbol of our sustainable long term was created in these a way as to simply be buried in the floor at the end of its performing life as a blade? These objects are now layered in new meaning as symbols of our shortsightedness in how we strategy our created environment and the amazing obstacle of building for the full existence cycle of goods.”

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aerial rendering of wind turbine blades scattered in a desert

The BladeYARD project would examine people concerns by bringing persons up shut with a “graveyard” of wind turbine blades. The significant blades — some of which can reach 100 meters in duration — would be arranged like the bleached bones of an animal carcass, with some elements lying flat and partly buried in the sand though some others stick straight up. Burning Guy members would be capable to climb atop of, seek out shelter beneath and wander by the sculptural set up.

rendering of people resting against massive wind turbine blades

If it is approved as an set up at Burning Gentleman 2021, Mannhard ideas to have BladeYARD dismantled and moved to a extra long-lasting house following the party. Burning Gentleman is scheduled to get location every calendar year at the conclusion of the summer time in Northern Nevada’s Black Rock Desert.

+ Michael Mannhard

Photographs by Michael Mannhard

rendering of wind turbine blades in the desert lit up at night

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