Past and future come together at the sustainable Auric Hall

How can architecture serve the needs of lifestyle and civilization? IMK Architects, a pioneer in city design and style started in 1957, responses that query with Auric Hall, its new task in Aurangabad, India.

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A streetview of a large rectangular building with a glass facade.

Auric Hall serves as a landmark setting up for Aurangabad, an industrial sensible city. The metropolis by itself was created as portion of a strategic progress plan created by the Indian authorities to entirely alter the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor.

An angle shot of a covered outdoor archway connected to a large building with a glass facade. Green plants are planted in front of the building.

At the heart of the advancement system is Auric Hall, a 16,600-square-meter constructing. Developed to give area for administrative and business features, Auric Hall also encourages collaboration, the move of strategies and an amazing atmosphere that honors the past even though hunting toward the long run.

A covered outdoor archway connected to a large building with a glass facade.

As an architectural showcase, Auric Corridor pays homage to Aurangabad’s heritage and will work with its weather. To this conclude, the design features attractive features this kind of as ceremonial gateways, arches and beautiful jaali screens. The design evokes historic Mughal architecture, with an remarkable style that brings together ornate style and design, symmetry and perform.

A multi-floor industrial space.

Auric Hall places on a contemporary twist on these historical factors via its gorgeous atrium backyard and indoor terraces that promote a social, group-oriented surroundings. The design and style seeks to stimulate discussion, cross-collaboration and interaction.

The ground floor of a multi-floor industrial space, with sparse greenery throughout the main level.

With Aurangabad’s semi-arid climate in intellect, Auric Hall’s design incorporates passive cooling. A laser-cut aluminum jaali screen on the facade serves not only as an eye-catching design characteristic but also minimizes photo voltaic heat get and controls the building’s airflow. These attributes assist regulate inside temperatures. Meanwhile, solar panels and electricity metering support preserve the building strength-effective. The constructing also contains CO2 checking to make certain environmental top quality manage. Incorporating these options along with significant-effectiveness resources enables Auric Hall to achieve IGBC Gold score, the next-highest IGBC accessible.

An indoor sitting area with orange, white, yellow and blue sofas. White industrial bars are overhead.

These environmental and sustainability issues display IMK Architects’ dedication to its organization values of “sustainable, setting acutely aware architecture.”

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