Organic India Ashwagandha, 400 mg, Veg-Capsules, 90 Count

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Restore body’s energy and metabolism with ORGANIC INDIA Ashwagandha Herbal Supplement Veg Capsules. This herbal supplement contains powerful adaptogen formulation that may help relax your nervous system. The organic ingredients found in these herbal capsules are found effective in relieving stress, anxiety and insomnia. The natural body restoration formula is USDA, Kosher and Halal Certified, helping boost your energy levels without giving any harm to your body. GMO-free, gluten-free and vegan herbal supplement is found effective in regulating hormones which may further assist in the improvement of reproductive health in men and women. Antioxidants properties of this herbal supplement help destroy free radicals to reduce body’s inflammation.NATURAL STRESS RELIEF – Powerful adaptogen formula provides a quick natural way to relieve anxiety and insomnia
THYROID AND HORMONE BALANCE – Improve thyroid function and support reproductive health for men and women
REGENERATES ENERGY AND VITALITY – This rejuvenative tonic stabilizes blood sugar and boosts adrenal health
DECREASES INFLAMMATION – Powerful antioxidant properties soothe back pain and joint ache
CERTIFIED ORGANIC – Synthesized from USDA-certified organic herbs and cultivated on organic farmland

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