Odor-free Sepura makes home composting easier than ever

If you have at any time preferred to start out composting at house but acquired put off by the problem and the scent, the Sepura could be the sustainable option you have been on the lookout for. Unveiled for the to start with time at Las Vegas CES 2020, Sepura is an eco-pleasant different to the classic rubbish disposal method that can be very easily put in beneath just about any sink — getting rid of the want for a tabletop composting container. Made by Canadian startup Anvy Technologies as “the very first sustainable food items disposal method in the globe,” the clever house product or service characteristics a carbon filter inside to neutralize smells and avert fruit flies so that you can even continue to keep your food items squander in the bin for up to a month.

person emptying gray compost bin located under a sink

Introduced as Anvy Technologies’ 1st flagship product, Sepura was designed to be gorgeous, inexpensive and effortless to use though encouraging to add to a greener planet. As a smarter substitute to typical rubbish disposals, Sepura also grinds up food stuff waste. As a substitute of sending the strong matter into the pipes, it instead diverts the separated food stuff solids into an odorless, sealed collection bin beneath the sink for composting. In contrast to disposals that are normally quite loud, Sepura operates with a silent hum as it processes meals.

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person scraping food off of plate into garbage disposal
person opening compost bin under a sink

For straightforward set up, the Sepura selection bin has an adjustable height and arrives with a 3-inch drain attachment. 4 LED lights in entrance of the container suggest how complete the Sepura is the contents can be emptied out by sliding out the drawer. Sepura also arrives with developed-in sensors that automatically prevent the food disposal method in the event that a big, non-food stuff product is dropped into the sink drain to let for secure retrieval.

gray and blue compost bin connected to kitchen sink
gray and blue compost bin under kitchen sink

“Empowering shoppers to help the environment in a way that is both equally impactful and handy is what Sepura aims to do” claimed Victor Nicolov, Sepura CEO. “Sepura is a gorgeous, cleanse and effortless alternative to home foods squander disposal.” Sepura is presently out there for pre-buy for $340 at sepurahome.com. Units will start off shipping in late 2020.

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