Northern China’s largest bamboo pavilion covers nearly half an acre

After many years of constructing bamboo houses across rural China, Italian architect Mauricio Cardenas Laverde done his most significant bamboo project still — the Bamboo Eye pavilion, a 1,600-square-meter structure made totally from 5,000 locally sourced moso bamboo poles. Concluded last April for the 2019 Intercontinental Horticultural Exhibition in Beijing, the new pavilion is the biggest of its type ever constructed in northern China, in accordance to the International Bamboo and Rattan Firm (INBAR). The enormous pavilion was designed to home programmatic exercise whilst showcasing the architectural choices of bamboo in modern day, very low-carbon building.

construction workers building a curved bamboo pavilion

Created to observe the INBAR Garden’s theme of “Bamboo and Rattan for Environmentally friendly Progress,” the Bamboo Eye Pavilion reveals off the tensile energy of bamboo, which is greater than that of mild steel. China, which is household to about 6 million hectares of bamboo, has employed bamboo for construction for 1000’s of yrs. Contemporary construction in the nation, nevertheless, generally relies upon on metal and concrete. In an effort and hard work to advertise the use of bamboo for sustainable development, INBAR teamed up with Laverde to show how bamboo could substitute metal and wood and thus reduce pressures on forest methods.

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close-up of slightly curved bamboo rods in a pavilion
construction workers sawing bamboo

“We have to transform the way we imagine about design,” Laverde reported. “If we used pure making elements in cities and modified our way of thinking, then it would be quick to rebuild each individual handful of decades devoid of the big charge of now.” The organic and natural type of the Bamboo Eye pavilion is attained with bamboo arches, which span 32 meters in duration and 9 meters in top. The arches were being bent and shaped by fire baking, a procedure that turns the bamboo to a golden yellow and expands the material’s lifespan to 30 many years.

worm's eye view of intricately patterned bamboo ceiling in a pavilion
aerial view of grass-covered bamboo pavilion

Lightweight nonetheless robust, the truss arch framework is also sturdy sufficient to bear the weight of a inexperienced roof, which will help blend the developing in with the close by bamboo forest. The self-ventilating interior homes an auditorium and exhibition space. The Bamboo Pavilion was constructed for the Intercontinental Horticultural Exhibition that was held from April to Oct 2019. 

+ Mauricio Cardenas Laverde

Illustrations or photos through INBAR

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