Need a bike helmet? ‘Grow It Yourself’ with mycelium

Designers are increasingly turning to alternate options to plastic, and one preferred substitution will come from fungus. Experts are experimenting with mycelium for almost everything from development materials to trend and now sporting equipment, this kind of as bicycle helmets. A new undertaking allows the consumer to ‘Grow It Yourself’ to keep away from plastic with no sacrificing longevity.

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rendering of mycelium bike helmet

Developed by NOS Structure and Agustin Otegui in collaboration with Diego Mata and Axel Gómez-Ortigoza, the Improve it By yourself Helmet is 100% compostable, breathable and effects-resistant.

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person holding helmet prototype made from mycelium
rendering of mycelium helmet with teal and orange straps

Built from a combination of hay and mycelium, the helmet actually grows from normal resources that will decompose back into the soil in about one month following the helmet’s lifecycle. NOS Layout formulated the idea in conjunction with Polybion, the business credited with establishing a foam-like product or service identified as Fungicel designed from mycelium. Not only is the material eco-friendly, but applied in a helmet, it offers impression-resistance to safeguard the rider devoid of the environmentally hazardous, petroleum-based mostly plastic foam commonly observed in helmets. In addition, mycelium is reasonably priced and by natural means fireplace-resistant.

traditional plastic bike helmet next to cardboard helmet model
diagram of natural materials going into mycelium-based bike helmet

The merchandise is aimed towards all people but was developed particularly for kids who promptly outgrow helmets, probably necessitating various right before reaching adulthood. In addition, the Grow it By yourself Helmet supplies an option for commuters who count on local community bicycle lending units that don’t present own security.

mycelium bike helmet prototype in an oven
child wearing tan mycelium helmet

Mycelium is a website-like, branching process of filaments referred to as hyphae. The mycelium-composite manufacturing cycle starts with this by natural means transpiring, vegetative element of a fungus. When obviously sourced, it can also present positions and economic growth in rural areas that have space to propagate the fungus. In simple fact, it can be cultivated in your possess backyard, allowing you to really Increase it Yourself.

Mycelium isn’t new to the products enhancement market place. In point, it’s swiftly attaining consideration inside the development market as an different to cement. It is also ‘growing’ in reputation for use in packaging, acoustic panels and interior style and design components, among the other products and solutions.

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