Modular treehouse concept is inspired by wasp nests

As an entry to the Youthful Architects Competitions’ Tree Residence Module contest, the architecture workforce of Garvin Goepel and Christian Baumgarten have proposed a modular treehouse referred to as Nidus Domum that is created up of two shelters motivated by wasp nests. The modules are intended to sit on the residence of Vibrac castle in France to support readers escape modern day civilization.

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rendering of elevated treehouse in a forest

Curved in condition and made to shelter readers high up in the trees, Nidus Domum presents a nearer link to mother nature. The layering, addition and multiplication of specific components of the modules are encouraged by the way that wasps make their nests, in a comparable systematic and engineered pattern. With wasps, oval-formed nests are guarded by a layer of chewed wood chips and wasp saliva, like a glue. The insects build layers up coming to just about every other in purchase to fortify the interior population’s protection.

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diagram of a wasp nest

The modules interlock by solitary sections rather than in a constant significant floor, creating the manufacturing and fabrication of the treehouse highly customizable. Panels can be tailored to specialised contextual preparations, like tree branches, by exchanging and customizing solitary panels. Particular person components are built compact plenty of to be prefabricated in neighborhood factories, immediately transported to setting up websites and conveniently assembled. Subsequently, the modules are also effortless to get apart and transfer to other locations.

diagram of a treehouse comprised of many small modules

The treehouse modules are composed of 24 unique panels with a picket body that consists of internal bent wood paneling and an outer cladding built of liana tree bark splits sourced from the creating internet site. The 1st module, Nidus Dolichovespula sylvestris (Nest of a Tree Wasp), suspends from the tree substantial earlier mentioned the ground. From the shelter, inhabitants attain an elevated look at by the forest towards the castle on one side and the distant wild landscape on the other.

sketch of a treehouse in the shape of a wasp nest

In distinction, the next module, Nidus Polistinae (Nest of a Field Wasp), has a cost-free-standing building. The layout is elevated by pilings, so it does not involve a tree as structural guidance and maintains room for a sauna. This sauna is crafted making use of the same program and connects to a terrace poised in excess of the lake floor. Users can steam in the sauna in advance of dipping their toes in the chilly drinking water beneath.

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