Meet the fashion brand that’s turning grain waste into clothing

RAFFAUF has been building ethically produced outfits for 30 several years, being forward of the curve and conscious of the environmental problems influencing the world. Its newest selection proves that vogue can be sustainable and stunning at the exact same time … and these goods are designed from one thing that is ordinarily thrown away.

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The latest assortment from RAFFAUF employs grain squander resources to make a specific coating for garments. This can make goods drinking water-resistant. But how can grain squander merchandise that are normally thrown absent turn into one thing like this? Grain is separated from the husk prior to it is processed. At the time bran and oils are taken out of the husk, you’re still left with a wax-like substance that is mainly just thrown absent. Following all, the fantastic things is absent. Or is it?

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In its uncooked condition, this waxy things left guiding is barely usable. But after it is heated for a lot of hrs, it melts and results in being a liquid. When the ensuing liquid is combined with other elements, it can be applied to material with no leaving stains while offering water-resistant power. Finest of all, this squander product or service is not employed by the food market at all. As designer Caroline Raffauf defined in a push launch about the new clothes line, “The textile coating adds value without competing with meals.”

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The coating, when completed, is 90% recycled waste from grain processing. The coating is resistant to h2o and drinking water-primarily based liquids, these types of as fruit juices. The new line from RAFFAUF utilizes this coating on linen to develop a purposeful and trendy foreseeable future for sustainable style.

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RAFFAUF is centered in Berlin and specializes in earning eco-pleasant clothing and components. In the previous, this enterprise has applied recycled PET bottles in its items and created clothing coatings out of beeswax. Even the design itself is meant to be sustainable, with patterns that are additional timeless than they are stylish so just about every item can be worn for lots of a long time.


Photography by David Kavaler / RAFFAUF

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