MEAN* proposes 3D-printed concrete majlis for Emirati homes

As aspect of a style exercise, Indicate* (Middle East Architecture Network) has produced three 3D-printed proposals for up to date majlis, an Arabic architecture expression that generally refers to the detached region of a residence utilised as a entrance parlor for acquiring and entertaining guests. Designed to press the boundaries of 3D printing in concrete, Imply*’s a few majlis styles — the Capsule Pod, the Fluid Room and the Folded Partitions — every single discover distinctive design strategies and architectural kinds in response to the differing lifestyle needs of modern Emiratis.

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rendering of curving 3D-printed concrete structure

Each and every 3D-printed majlis design and style emphasizes access to normal mild, curvaceous types and a fluid, open up-program inside with a foyer, a washroom, a small kitchenette and an open up residing area to accommodate any where from 18 to 25 seated friends. The majlis can also be developed as a freestanding composition or an connected annex to the current residence.

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rendering of trapezoidal 3D-printed concrete structures
rendering of sunken sofa underneath a skylight

“With the introduction of concrete 3D printing technologies, new modular techniques can be envisioned in-line with the worries and potentials of these systems to make it possible for for quicker, more spatially fluid inhabitations at an ecological and cost-effective amount,” the designers explained in a push assertion. “MEAN* reimagines the spatial attributes of this typology with 3 alternatives for the space dependent on the specifications and way of living of its inhabitants.”

rendering of living room with narrow windows along the walls and ceilings
rendering of large beige sofa near spiral staircase

The 25-seat, minimalist Capsule Pod majlis proposal would be created with prefabricated concrete sections that would be hoisted into area with glazed gaps in involving to allow organic light to filter by means of. In distinction, the 22-seat Fluid Space is an annex to the existing home and would contain a 3D-printed shell and roof, each individual constructed individually. The inside is centered on an organically motivated, recessed seating spot beneath a large roof skylight. The third majlis proposal, dubbed Folded Partitions, options a range of clean and textured trapezoidal partitions independently printed on-web-site.

+ Signify* (Middle East Architecture Network)

Photographs by using Signify*

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