Malawi woman fighting single-use plastics wins Goldman Environmental Prize

Gloria Majiga-Kamoto was named one particular of 6 2021 Goldman Environmental Prize winners final 7 days. The Malawian NGO employee has waged a war versus single-use plastics and the issues they are leading to her nation.

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When she was a lady, single-use plastic wasn’t so commonly employed, claimed Majiga-Kamoto, who is 30 yrs previous. “I don’t forget back again in the working day when we’d go to the current market and buy factors like fish, like dried fish, you’d get it in newspapers,” she reported, as described by NPR. But in excess of the past 10 or so yrs, new companies in the landlocked East African country have ramped up manufacturing of one-use bags and slender plastics, people measuring less than 60 microns in thickness. According to a 2019 UN Development Plan-funded report, Malawi provides about 75,000 metric tons of plastic every year, 80% of which is solitary-use.

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Gloria Majiga-Kamoto stands near piles of plastic waste

Majiga-Kamoto became aware of the issue even though functioning for a local environmental NGO that delivered goats to rural farmers. The concept was that the farmers could use goat dung as natural and organic fertilizer. But the goats’ adore of a nearby snack did them in.

“We have this quite frequent avenue food stuff. It’s referred to as chiwaya, and it is just genuinely potato fried on the aspect of the street, and it is served in these minor blue plastics,” Majiga-Kamoto stated. “So mainly because it is salty, when the goats get a taste of the salt, they just consume the plastic simply because they cannot really inform that it is inedible. And they die due to the fact it blocks the ingestion system — there is no way to survive.”

With the goats dying somewhat than reproducing, the plan fell apart, and Majiga-Kamoto grew to become mindful of the issues with plastic luggage. Not only were they killing goats, but fish and cows ended up consuming plastic, also. The ugly piles of plastic trash clogging her country’s waterways were being breeding grounds for disease-carrying mosquitoes and cholera-leading to micro organism.

As these types of, Majiga-Kamoto led a group of environmental activists who battled the strong plastics-manufacturing marketplace for a number of a long time just before at last receiving the Malawi Higher Courtroom to ban single-use thin plastics in 2019.

The Goldman Environmental Prize honors grassroots environmental leaders from around the entire world. Michael Sutton, govt director of the Goldman Environmental Foundation, explained of Majiga-Kamoto, “She mustered the troops, the grassroots communities, to take on the govt and large marketplace and won a number of occasions. She not only gained the ban in regulation but is now keeping the government’s ft to the fire to implement it.”

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