Intergenerational living community in France upholds passive design principles

Supported by Studio Losa Architects and the Centre Communal d’Action Sociale (CCAS) of Clermont-Ferrand, a single of France’s most significant social action local community facilities, Clos des Vignes, is an intergenerational and inclusive village built with passive design concepts. The ambitious job incorporates 40 models within eight properties and a multifunctional hall in the town of Clermont-Ferrand in central France. The community serves as a house for unbiased seniors, persons who obtain public assistance and persons with disabilities.

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Adhering to studies conducted by the CCAS of Clermont-Ferrand aimed at discovering exceptional housing types for seniors to dietary supplement assisted living services, a will need was observed for marketing dwelling assist even though preserving social life. In addition, the review observed that older communities must prioritize self-reliance and help amongst the people to defend good quality of lifestyle, all whilst restricting setting up electricity consumption to achieve a passive stage.

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Of the 40 units, fifty percent are just one-bedrooms and 50 percent are two-bedrooms. Thirty of the models are reserved for seniors when the remaining 10 are intended for college students or youthful couples. Views of the region’s famous Puy de Dôme volcano and Monts du Livradois-Forez nature preserve provide as an inspiration for new existence and renewed bodily and psychological electrical power for the village inhabitants. All of the units and public garden areas are accessible to individuals with reduced mobility.

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The housing complicated also incorporates good household administration with automation of sure features and tablets joined to supply immediate access to a CCAS system for vehicle, providers and group routines. The design and style attributes vegetable gardens and walking paths, with 4,000 square meters of grounds open to the general public in the day and closed at nightfall to be loved exclusively by people.

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Ground coverings are chosen for large resistance exterior whilst small-upkeep and superior-performing inside insulation regulates the thermal and acoustic ecosystem of the interior. Solar panels create strength for h2o and space heating to incorporate to passive home design concepts, and the buildings make the most of a blend of metal and concrete in building.

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