‘I Am a Plastic Bag’ is made from recycled single-use plastic bottles

Following the marketed-out good results of “I Am Not a Plastic Bag” in 2007, designer manufacturer Anya Hindmarch has introduced a new product, known as “I Am a Plastic Bag”, aimed at recycling solitary-use plastic and leaving behind a internet-zero carbon footprint from output.

The original “I Am Not a Plastic Bag” launch was a campaign to raise awareness about disposable plastic bag use. According to a press launch from the business, “The British Retail Consortium believed that in 2006, the U.K. by itself utilised 10.6bn plastic baggage, and this determine dropped to 6.1bn in 2010. Specifically, Sainsbury’s slash the quantity of luggage they gave away by 58% in the two a long time that adopted the campaign, supplying out 312m less baggage in 2008 than 2009 and conserving 13,200 tonnes of virgin plastic about two a long time.”

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Anya Hindmarch storefront filled with empty plastic water bottles

13 a long time afterwards, Hindmarch has resolved to shift concentration. Alternatively of centering the campaign about lowering plastic bag usage, the new “I Am a Plastic Bag” is manufactured from a gentle, cotton-like material manufactured from recycled plastic bottles to spotlight the extreme squander created from solitary-use plastic.

red tote bag and black tote bag on pile of empty water bottles

The producing system commences by washing and sorting the gathered bottles ahead of they are shredded and turned into pellets. The pellets are then converted into fibers that are spun and woven into cloth. To achieve the climate-resistant finish, the baggage are coated in a recycled PVB produced from old windshields. Anya Hindmarch partnered with a Taiwanese firm for the end, which seems to be the only one of its type that has attained International Recycled Regular (GRS) certification.

red tote bag on white cube

Following thinking about fake options, the business determined the minimum impactful trim was true leather. It sourced the organic meat byproduct as a way to recycle the substance. Gathered from a tannery in Northern Italy, the leather-based does not travel far to the producing line.

red tote bag and black tote bag near empty plastic bottles

Even though Anya Hindmarch designers really do not consider that carbon-offsetting is the solution for an sector identified for too much squander and air pollution, they also partnered with EcoAct, a world climate transform advisor. EcoAct has been measuring the emissions from the I Am a Plastic Bag output in purchase to make the method carbon-neutral.

Anya Hindmarch storefront filled with empty plastic water bottles

As a statement of what the line stands for, Anya Hindmarch closed its doorways for 3 days, entirely filling the shop with 90,000 discarded plastic water bottles and a put up on the doorway detailing the cause. A limited selection of luggage was pre-introduced in February at London Manner Week, and the complete 4-color selection will be extensively obtainable in April.

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