Green-roofed Swiss homes promote solar via 65 degree rotation

In the Swiss municipality of Bussigny, Crissier-primarily based architecture practice Bertola & Cie – SIA has done the 65 Degree Team Housing job, a collection of very low-energy housing models that are intentionally oriented at 65 levels to improve solar assortment and to make sure non-public backyard garden spaces for just about every dwelling. Produced as an “alternative to densification,” the housing sophisticated is made up of a combine of simplex and duplex typologies that cater to a assortment of citizens across various generations. In addition to solar panels, the undertaking even further avoids dependence on fossil fuels and promotes balanced residing with the inclusion of two air-to-water heat pumps, green roofs and a double-circulation air mechanical air flow method for minimizing micropollutants. 

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A rolling green landscape with a housing complex with a vertically tiered, off-white facade.

Completed in 2020 soon after a few several years of development, the 65 Diploma Team Housing venture in West Bussigny was produced as portion of a much larger enhancement plan to introduce 3,000 inhabitants to the area by 2030. At the coronary heart of the architect’s style and design is the need to create a village-like community where each and every resident can enjoy an out of doors balcony and environmentally friendly place for wintertime gardening. 

A housing complex with a tiered, off-white facade with balconies.

“The architectural idea rigorously follows the will to mark volumes plastically in a suite or a repetition of units voluntarily marked on the avenue facet so that the potential inhabitants detect their dwellings not with a housing bar but with compact properties of 3 stages joined with each other,” the architects said of their style intent. “The constructing hence develops linearly and parallel to the street in excess of a distance of almost 100m. A grid constructions the venture and is reflected in the composition of the creating for the stairwells and is determined by the structural entablature of the in-situ and prefabricated concrete terraces.”

The interior of an empty apartment unit with light-colored wood accents and white paint.

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Steel railings and clinker brick help crack up the concrete facade together the southwest facet of the housing sophisticated, even though light-toned wooden surfaces line the light-weight-crammed interiors. 

+ Bertola & Cie – SIA

Pictures by Mathieu Gafsou

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