GoSun releases solar powered travel mug to brew coffee or tea anywhere

GoSun, the corporation that brought us the GoSun Flow transportable sink and shower and GoSun Go solar oven, has its ninth crowdfunded merchandise underway. The GoSun Brew is an insulated, solar-driven journey mug that integrates a 12-volt heater and a French press, with all the know-how housed within the foundation. That usually means you can brew a cup of coffee or tea from start to finish in an all-in-one cup just about anyplace, with no messy setup or complicated course of action.

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metal travel mug, powerbank and bag of coffee on picnic table

A successfully funded challenge on Kickstarter, GoSun Brew is a have to-have for standard campers, outdoor fans or off-gridders who can’t go without their morning cup of joe. As an added bonus, the journey mug offers sufficient power to charge electronics portably thanks to its 266-watt/hour solar ability lender — powerful enough to brew eight cups of espresso, charge a notebook 3 periods or charge a smartphone 22 situations. It only weighs about 3 lbs, so it can be effortlessly packed in with the rest of your gear.

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person opening metal travel mug
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With at any time-expanding wildfire dangers, this gadget presents a considerably safer different to moveable espresso makers that call for further warmth to function. “We are big espresso fans listed here at GoSun. Ahead of this creation, brewing that treasured cup of morning coffee was impossible with no fuel or fireplace,” claimed Patrick Sherwin, founder and CEO of GoSun. “Unfortunately, fires are dangerous and can be really harmful as we have observed so significantly this calendar year. Now, many thanks to the start of the GoSun Brew, you can make your early morning cup of joe and charge your equipment with clean up, potent, cost-free strength from the Sun. It is time to quit the melt away, and now is the time to go photo voltaic.” In destinations like California, where by power outages have grow to be much more and much more popular, the photo voltaic mug can arrive in useful for coffee fans within the dwelling, also.

person removing powerbank from carrying case
person drinking from metal travel mug while walking in the woods

The GoSun Brew features a electric power carrying circumstance for protection and transportation. The scenario also residences all of the vital cables and accessories for the vacation mug, with a powerbank that can demand wirelessly through USB, adjustable DC port or a 15A carport. The project exceeded its funding intention on Kickstarter, and to start with deliveries are anticipated in April 2021.

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