Gardens grow on all floors of Saint-Gobain’s crystalline HQ

On the outskirts of Paris, French architecture business Valode & Pistre has finished a new headquarters — a crystalline tower wrapped in low-emission glass — for Saint-Gobain, a multinational building components firm. Developed to emphasize urban integration, power general performance and consumer convenience, the skyscraper attributes wind-sheltered gardens available from every ground, an abundance of normal light-weight and spectacular panoramic sights. The setting up, recognised as Tour Saint-Gobain, was finished in 2019 in the company district of La Défense.

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cube glass tower building lit from within at night

Picked as the winning entry in an worldwide architecture opposition, Valode & Pistre’s layout for Tour Saint-Gobain references Saint-Gobain’s major purpose in construction product distribution — significantly with glass — with its crystalline architecture. The new firm headquarters is divided into three distinctive elements that are likened to the head, physique and feet of a human being: the lower floor, or “feet”, contain the open access locations and showroom the major “body” comprises versatile office environment spaces and the optimum floors at the “head” homes reception places, conference areas and the “espace plein ciel”, a spectacular accumulating place with panoramic sights.

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trees growing beside long wood tables
long hallway with tall ceilings and walls of glass

“A tower, a lot more than any other constructing, is about persons and how it affects them,” the architecture agency explained in a press release. “Emotions are anticipated to be felt at the sight of this kind of a building and the architect need to try to bring about these inner thoughts and this enjoyment. The dynamic silhouette of the setting up, by the assembly of 3 indirect prisms that, in an anthropomorphic way, resemble a head, a human body and a foot, allows it to interact with the surrounding towers. The tower as a result becomes a determine turning its head and a little bit stooping as a sign of warm welcome.”

long white tables and tall chairs in room with glass walls and sloped ceiling
tall tree growing inside glass-enclosed room

At 165 meters tall, Tour Saint-Gobain spans 44 floors and encompasses 49,900 square meters of ground area. Superior-overall performance glass ensures best consumer convenience for occupants, who not only love panoramic sights but also direct accessibility to indoor gardens from all of the office environment spaces.

+ Valode & Pistre

Photography by Sergio Grazia by using Valode & Pistre

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