ESUB Tracks is a smart, solar-powered bicycle helmet concept

Germany-based mostly design and style firm WertelOberfell has teamed up with content researchers, material suppliers, close-customers and companies to create ESUB Tracks, a conceptual design for a sensible bicycle helmet run by flat-printed natural and organic photovoltaics. Developed to prioritize safety, the proposed smart bicycle helmet is outfitted with proximity sensors, a printed piezoelectric microphone that accepts standard voice commands for arms-absolutely free use, switch signal indicator lights and printed piezoelectric bone conduction speakers that present audio by means of Bluetooth without having distracting from the encompassing natural environment.

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A person sitting on a bicycle, wearing a helmet and checking their phone.

To increase photo voltaic access, the designers lined the entire floor of the uniquely shaped helmet with flat printed organic photovoltaics to recharge the printed natural batteries tucked within a device in the reduce rear section of the helmet. Designs also clearly show the rear element of the helmet would consist of turn sign indicator lights as perfectly as still left and ideal piezoelectric haptic actuators that vibrate to warn the cyclist if a speedy motor vehicle is near approaching. In the meantime, the area in front of the rider’s ears consists of leather-based straps with Bluetooth speakers hooked up by way of heat urgent.

A black helmet with a red light-up strip and the text "ESUB" written on it.

“One of the targets of this EU Horizon 2020 undertaking was to stimulate interdisciplinary style and design and substance study, course of action optimization and to develop less harmful and more eco-welcoming possibilities in the industry of printed electronics,” the designers described in a challenge statement. “It explores how novel elements can assist to strengthen security and the consumer knowledge even though commuting or cycling for leisure.”

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A close-up of a printed organic battery.

A Nano Arduino board controls all electric powered components, from the Bluetooth-related speakers to the electric powered travel that fastens the straps for a comfortable and customized at ease suit. The ESUB Tracks smart bicycle helmet principle was designed with funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation system under grant settlement No. 761112.

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