Disposable plastics make up this conceptual hydrogen-powered car

Russian design and style university student Nikita Konopatov has unveiled an innovative proposal for an environmentally welcoming automobile with a physique manufactured from recyclable plastics. Produced as a answer to the worldwide difficulty of air pollution and the ubiquity of plastics, the structure exercising proposes a greener substitute to fuel-driven autos. In addition to a hydrogen-run engine, Konopatov has also provided his proposed car or truck a futuristic and playful form that looks more like an lovable spaceship than a conventional sedan.

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rendering of black pod-like car with elongated wheels

Konopatov’s pod-like thought motor vehicle was made as element of the Volkswagen Group Future Centre Europe, a Potsdam, Germany-dependent initiative for developing mobility ideas of the long run. The shape of the proposed gas-mobile auto includes a significant cylindrical barrel that would home the driver flanked by two smaller cylindrical barrels in the entrance and back again that roll to transfer the auto.

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diagram of hydrogen-powered cars made of plastic

The designer’s utopian eyesight goes towards the typical critiques of hydrogen autos, which have been long dismissed as a practical solution because of to the high priced and energy-intense processes to deliver pure hydrogen as nicely as the deficiency of hydrogen gas-supply infrastructure. The vast majority of hydrogen today is developed by the higher-carbon system of steam methane reforming. At this time, there are only three big types of hydrogen cars accessible on the current market: the 2015 Toyota Mirai, the Hyundai Subsequent and the Honda Clarity.

diagram of pod-like cars made of plastic

“Today, there is a worldwide challenge — environmental air pollution,” Konopatov claimed in a e mail statement to Inhabitat. “Every working day we deliver and use a thing that immediately turns into rubbish soon after use. A single of the most sizeable challenges is solitary — use plastic and exhaust gases. Disposable plastic can be recycled and made use of as a substance for the vehicle system. A auto with a hydrogen motor can lessen the total of exhaust gases. The exhaust of a hydrogen-run automobile is environmentally welcoming. Electric powered automobiles do not pollute the air, but the production of electrical vehicles pollutes the environment, which is predominantly due to the vitality-intense production of batteries.”

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