Designer Lucas Couto joins Precious Plastic for recycling project

Lucas Couto, Senior Industrial Designer at EGGS Structure in Norway, is targeted on turning plastic air pollution into ground breaking recycled designs. The designer has teamed up with plastic recycling enterprise Valuable Plastic to aid expose the possible of plastic waste in the design room.

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A cactus in a recycled plastic pot, sitting next to two other plastic pots in various shades of red and purple.

According to Cherished Plastic, the globe provides about 300 million metric tons of new plastic each calendar year. And considering that plastic has one of the slowest decomposition rates — close to 500 many years — all of that squander has the prospective to adhere close to for generations to arrive. The firm is on a mission to clearly show the world the opportunities of plastic waste, reduce the need for virgin plastic and build a round economy based around plastic recycling.

A pink recycled plastic side table with a vase of pink flowers on it. Behind that table is an identical purple table.

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Treasured Plastic teaches each day folks how to generate their possess plastic recycling company and turns practically any sort of plastic squander into large colorful sheets of new content that can be used to make unique varieties of products and solutions (such as furnishings and building items). Upcycled plastic sheets occur in a assortment of colours primarily based on the plastic items made use of in production. The community develops applications and devices that recycle plastic and share it with others all around the environment.

A plastic grid in a color gradient of pink to purple.

Now, the organization is collaborating with designer Lucas Couto on a job aimed at participating the neighborhood in building recycled plastic products and solutions. Around three months in July 2020, the Recycled Plastic Item collection concentrated on difficulties centered close to various Treasured Plastic Equipment. Each individual week highlighted a different plastic recycling technology: injection molding, beam extrusion and sheetpress.

Two photos. To the left, two interlocking tables in pink and purple. To the right, a silver contraption with four indented circle spaces.

For case in point, a stool made by Couto utilised extruded beams manufactured from sheets of recycled plastic designed up of 4 different pieces that in shape alongside one another. Another stool design helps to visualize the sheet press materials. Immediately after getting influenced by the nursery pots all around his dwelling, the designer also produced flower pots that highlighted the appears of combined coloration injection molding although delivering a item that would gain from recyclability.

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