Cheops Observatory frames views of the Great Pyramid of Giza

Earth bricks, upcycled supplies and nearby craftsmanship blend in the Cheops Observatory, a new residence built by Paris-dependent architecture firm Studio Malka. Situated in the ancient village of Nazlet El Samman at the gateway of the desert, the artist’s residence thoughtfully weaves things of the regional vernacular — such as area products and labor — into its up to date and sculptural kind. The structure and orientation of the building was also informed by sight strains to the Terrific Pyramid of Giza and the trajectories of the solar and moon.

beige room with window revealing view of Great Pyramid of Giza

Using cues from the ubiquity of informal architecture in Cairo, the architects followed match by planning the home “orally, devoid of any system, just a couple sketches drawn on the desert sand.” The architects’ dedication to environmentally helpful layout also led them to emphasize the use of local development methods and labor. Raw earth bricks have been utilised for the facade. Classic home windows and shutters ended up recycled from the village the operable triangular roof was handcrafted by a Giza desert tribe. Other products were being upcycled or diverted from the landfill wherever attainable.

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swimming pool outside of tan home with several windows
tan room with blue stained glass windows

To body sights of the Good Pyramid of Giza, the oldest of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient Globe, the Cheops Observatory was positioned east to west in alignment with the pyramid. This view turns into the focal level of the home’s Time Room, a meditative observation area that opens up to the sky via the folding textile roof. The orientation of the household is also conducive to observational astronomy and cross air flow.

tan home with multi-sized windows and shutters
Great Pyramid of Giza at sunset

“A vertical stratification inscribes this architecture in a temporal course of action linking the vernacular, the modern day and the nomad in one particular major making,” the architects stated. “This architecture with variable geometry permits equally particular or integral protection procedure, helpful versus the solar rays, as effectively as best air-cooling stream on the stages.”

+ Studio Malka

Images by Rayem through Studio Malka

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