Carbfix turns emissions into stone

An Icelandic startup has an intriguing answer to the emissions problem: change carbon into stone. Even though it sounds like an evil ability out of a fairy tale, and maybe there is a very little bit of magic to Carbfix’s tactic, we’ll presume its proprietary technologies is scientific. Here’s how it works.

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As most of us know, trees and plants bind carbon from the atmosphere. But, so do rocks. Carbfix’s know-how just will make the procedure of the carbon getting into the rocks a large amount more rapidly. The startup dissolves carbon in drinking water, which interacts with reactive rock formations, “to kind secure minerals furnishing a long lasting and secure carbon sink,” in accordance to the Carbfix website. Carbfix injects this option into the subsurface, adds a tiny proprietary technological know-how, and voila, within two several years the carbon has turned to stone.

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Here’s what is going on underneath the floor. The carbonated drinking water is acidic and reacts with underground rocks. More than time, iron, calcium and other aspects are produced into the water, incorporate with dissolved carbon dioxide and variety carbonates underground. Given that they are secure for 1000’s of a long time, we can contemplate the carbon permanently stored.

“This is a engineering that can be scaled — it is cheap and economic and environmentally pleasant,” said Carbfix CEO Edda Sif Pind Aradottir, as described by Bloomberg. “Basically, we are just performing what nature has been executing for hundreds of thousands of a long time, so we are aiding mother nature aid itself.”

Carbon emissions are the best reason for world-wide warming and a major component in extreme climate occasions and ocean acidification. Carbfix aims to slice climate adjust off at the knees and enable the planet achieve the Paris settlement ambitions. The venture to start with commenced in 2006. The subsequent 12 months, it was formalized by four founding partners: the University of Iceland, Reykjavik Power, Earth Institute at Columbia College and CNRS in Toulouse. Further investigation institutes and universities have also labored on the task in the very last 10 years. In 2019, Carbfix grew to become a subsidiary of Reykjavik Strength, then in 2020 it commenced working as a individual entity. Its mission is to retailer just one billion tons of CO2 by 2030.

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