BobaWare eliminates single-use plastic from the boba experience

BobaWare is the result of a months-lengthy brainstorm by classmates identified to minimize the squander brought about by the manufacturing and usage of boba and bubble tea. As the reputation of the beverages has exploded in the United States, so has the involved use of single-use plastic cups. The start-up’s very first solution, introduced on Indiegogo on March 23, is BobaGlass, a reusable boba bottle, particularly made to emphasize the characteristics of the drink although aiming to reduce plastic waste.

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“The idea driving generating a beneficial influence for the environment isn’t in producing huge leaps, but to make guaranteed the techniques we get issue us in the ideal course. I feel lowering the carbon footprint of the boba/bubble tea business by building BobaGlass accomplishes just that,” described Marcus Tjajadi, co-founder. 

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BobaGlass is the first merchandise that specifically caters to the working experience shipped by boba drinks. In contrast to common boba cups, BobaGlass features a retractable straw, which lets the consumer to freely shake the beverage. The angle positions the straw towards the bottom of the bottle for ideal consumption. A parabolic internal layer focuses the ingredients, and the double-wall insulation keeps the consume cold. The patent-pending layout depends on BPA-totally free Tritan for a small waste alternative to the cravings of boba aficionados. BobaGlass is leak-evidence and holds 24 oz. of beverage.

From left to right, an off-white tote bag with orange letters reading "Asian Girl Boss," a Kindle and a reusable boba cup.

BobaWare was influenced by considerations for the natural environment. Founders Tjajadi and Edwin Cheung tossed about countless concepts even though attending Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. As very pleased Asian Us citizens, they appeared to add worth to that tradition and group although prioritizing Earth-friendly methods. In 2019, Edwin honed in on the waste left behind in the boba market, and an concept was born. 

“Seeing the waste bordering the boba sector deeply upsets me. I know modify in conduct hardly ever will come effortlessly, which is why building BobaGlass to truly elevate the boba ingesting experience was our major precedence,” said Cheung, co-founder.

Three images. On the left, A hand holding a reusable boba cup with an orange ring around the lid. In the middle, a reusable boba cup with an orange ring around the lid sits on a table. On the right, a clear reusable boba cup with an orange ring around the lid next to a boba cup with an opaque yellow coating.

The crew then extra Ashley Chen (artistic director) and Raymond Deng (technical director) as co-proprietors of the brand name. BobaWare operates with 3 crucial values: to serve the demands of their buyers, to deliver ethically as a business and to join on a personal degree. 

Seeking into the potential, BobaGlass hopes to enlist the attention of boba/bubble tea retailers, which can present incentives to customers who provide their BobaGlass in for refills somewhat than contributing to squander and pollution. 

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