Art crafted with natural materials sends powerful message

Joana Cabrita Martins is a Portugal-based artist who merges design and activism. By selecting local natural materials and pairing her parts with social or environmental messages, her studio function phone calls attention to the difficulties plaguing our world now. Her most recent assortment, “Trees of My Land” (or “Árvores da Minha Terra”), is a duo of handmade items crafted from olive tree wooden and clay by master artisans. 

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A thin, tall, off-white planter pot with a wood base and holes toward the top of the vase. A green plant sticks out from the top, and a brown root emerges from the bottom.

“Trees of My Land” is influenced by the reduction of biodiversity caused by human affect and highlights the value of trees by means of natural style and design. Both equally items in the collection rejoice a equivalent planter design, with a pattern of lower out holes on leading of a clay vase with a wood base.

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To the left, a close-up of the top of the tall planter. To the right, an overview shot of the whole planter.

The very first, merely named “Tree,” was influenced by radical pruning. According to the artist, the openings at the top rated symbolize mutilated trees, when the pure wood at the bottom and the sprouting root coming off signify a plant’s endeavor to sustain lifestyle immediately after remaining pruned. The foundation also functions pointed triangular toes to help aid it together with the root, providing it an just about levitating glance.

A hanging planter following the same design as the first, save for a smaller, squat shape.

The 2nd, “Bulb,” alludes to more compact plant species with a hanging structure and thick, bulging roots sprouting from underneath. The openings and normal roots join both equally items in the assortment, though they are even now distinctive to the unique operates of artwork. The vegetation inside of are serious dwelling crops, whilst the vases around them symbolize rebirth. A single of nature’s best attributes — its resilience — is obvious at the main of the sustainable selection. 

To the left, a close-up of the root on the small planter. To the right, an overview shot of the whole planter.

“The ensemble is an urgent attraction for altering the conduct that is foremost to the premature demise of character, inevitably leading to the gradual decrease of the biosphere and consequential human existence extinction,” mentioned the studio in a push release. “The collection’s poetic concept is of hope with the very first intent to be a cry of alarm.”

+ Joana Cabrita Martins Studio

Photographs by means of Joana Cabrita Martins Studio

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