Agrodomes are individual greenhouses for budding crops

Farmers and backyard gardeners usually obtain themselves rolling the dice in regards to when to safely and securely transportation seedlings from the greenhouse to the ground. It can be a essential conclusion, as plants are vulnerable to large rain, hail or dry ailments. To facilitate healthy plant progress, Agrodome is a remedy that eradicates the need to have for a greenhouse entirely.

person pulling weeds from base of plants covered by clear domes

Developed by Agustin Otegui of NOS Design and style Consulting in collaboration with Jorge Álvarez, Agrodome is a modular dome for outdoor crops. With its transparent style and design, it enables farmers to germinate seeds right in the discipline fairly than escalating them in a greenhouse only to transplant them into the subject later on. In essence, these domes act as person greenhouses by preserving the plants from harsh weather and furnishing a temperature-controlled expanding environment.

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clear pods over crop seedlings

Agrodomes are manufactured from pure polymers and recycled PET, so they are fully recyclable at the end of their beneficial products life. Each individual dome actions 3 sq. feet, and the top is conveniently modified by simply pulling it up or pushing it deeper into the soil. The translucent higher component of the dome is ventilated to make it possible for oxygen exchange for managing humidity and temperature.

diagram of rows of crops protected by small recycled plastic domes

A narrowed heart part functions as a funnel, diverting water specifically underground so it doesn’t flood the budding vegetation and enables the soil to reach far better absorption. The base part of the funnel features holes that additional disperse the h2o beneath the area of the soil.

diagram of stackable plastic modules

Agrodome is built to be light-weight but potent. This permits farmers to simply stack, retail outlet and transportation it. It also tends to make it effortless to move the domes from one portion of the industry to an additional as unique sections of the area are ready to plant or as crops are prepared to prosper without the need of the Agrodome. The modular part usually means it can be utilized for a variety of crops in diverse components of the subject at the exact same time, taking gain of all-natural mild and catering to the demands of each and every plant.

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