3D-printed modular oasis stays naturally cool in Abu Dhabi

Italian organization Barberio Colella Architetti and architect Angelo Figliola have unveiled a futuristic vision for an urban oasis in Abu Dhabi that combines cutting-edge technology with lower-tech units to keep the natural way great in serious climates. The conceptual undertaking — dubbed City Dunes — uses locally sourced sand as the major setting up content, which would be 3D printed in stereotomic blocks of sandstone. In addition to supplying passive cooling, the oasis would also shell out homage to the region’s lifestyle with intricate and exquisite spaces that mimic the conventional architecture of Abu Dhabi.

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rendering of interior space with curving, perforated ceilings

Made to span 1,000 sq. meters, the Urban Dunes job capabilities the tagline “rethinking nearby sustainable versions.” The proposal “started from the deep consciousness of the climatic context of Abu Dhabi’s and the Emirates’ conventional architecture, these as classy vaulted spaces, vernacular shading devices and cold-drinking water basins,” the architects explained in a push assertion. As a final result, Urban Dunes’ sculptural, sand dune-like form is built-in with legendary features this kind of as mashrabiya, vaulted areas, h2o basins, fountains and palms.

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rendering of dune-like building lit from within at night

For adaptability, the architects have proposed a modular style and design to fit a range of spatial configurations. The standard module, a sq., can be extended to generate every thing from an L-shaped structure to a courtyard. Every single module would be made from 3D-printed blocks that stack with each other to build a vault with a thickness of 55 centimeters that, collectively with the heat-reflective interesting pigments blended into the sand, support guard in opposition to solar heat get.

rendering of palm tree growing inside a building

The vaulted areas beneath are also optimized for pure cooling with classy mashrabiya, a kind of perforated window display to enable all-natural air flow. The incoming airflow is cooled by the water basins placed all around the interior as nicely as the two waterfall fountains and palm trees in the center. Earth pipes are laid underground to feed drinking water to the fountains and basins.

+ Barberio Colella Architetti

Photos via Barberio Colella Architetti

rendering of pools and palm tree inside building

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